Commander of the Troops

Flute with Piano Accompaniment – Midi Realization – © 2016 Adam Cole

Commander of the Troops is a piece that describes the militaristic efforts of a military general in the midst of a war. The piece transpires in 3 sections: one that introduces the melody in a call to action for war, another that moves the melody to the bass voice with a more rhythmically driven upper voice looking over the battle – assuring command, and a final section driven more by chord hits to signify the large efforts of battle being over, but the efforts of war just beginning. Throughout almost the whole piece there is an obbligato in the left hand of the piano, signifying the formidable attitude of the commander that instills fear in the enemy.

This is one of my very earliest fully thought out compositions, and I later re-used my sketch material for this piece to write Quest in 2019.

Scored for Flute and Piano.
Performance and Score information available via the CONTACT page.

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