All commissions are priced individually, because the price estimate varies based on duration, instrumentation, shipping/material costs, anticipated performances, and completion deadline. For additional information, send a message via the CONTACT page or email

The total cost is determined by the sum of any material costs, a flat fee, duration cost, and percentage based fees:

Flat fee: $100 per instrument/voice.

Duration cost: $250/minute, variable depending on ensemble size.

Commissions containing a concerto, prominent solo part, or a significant electronic part: additional 20-30% of the total cost*.

Text and material copyright licensing fees: added separately to the total cost of the commission.

Electronically delivered materials: free
Physically delivered materials: added cost of printing, binding, and shipping and materials.

Commissions with a delivery date of less than 2 months will add additional 20% of the total cost* (commissions are accepted at the discretion of the composer, and require a significant amount of time to complete to a reasonable standard).

Commissions that include large works without at least a tentative performance date may be subject to an additional 20% cost.

Commissions requiring sound design or conducting/directing are subject to additional fees, and will be negotiated separately.

* All percentage based fees are calculated including the flat fee, duration cost, any material costs, and the licensing fee.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding the commissioning process or pricing, please send a message via the CONTACT page or email I aim to be completely up-front about the commissioning process, so that you, the commissioner, understand exactly what to expect.

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