Inert Redemption

Flute/Alto Flute, Alto Sax, Bari Sax – Live Performance – 4/25/19 © 2019 Adam Cole

Inert Redemption starts out ‘uneven’ in every way. It slowly evens itself out, becoming more consonant and conventionally written. The first section opens with a baritone saxophone solo, then a harmony from the alto saxophone and alto flute. This evolves into a frantic, unstable second section, and eventually a third section reminiscent of the first, but in a new key. The last section builds to the climax, and then diffuses with a woodwind chorale section and a calm finish.

This piece started out with a very different middle section and instrumentation, but I revised it later for a more cohesive feel. Performance and score information available via the CONTACT page.

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