Pain Buried Beneath

Pain Buried Beneath – String Quintet Midi Realization – © 2017 Adam Cole

Pain Buried Beneath is a piece that describes the pain hidden in many of us beneath false attitudes and mannerisms. So signify this, I use multiple dissonances and unorthodox chord progressions underneath arpeggiated lines and expressive melodies. The mood struggles between pain and beauty before finally reaching a sad and abrupt conclusion.

This piece was one of multiple used for my composition portfolio application to Stetson University. In the future, I may revise it to increase the length, as well as create better cohesion among the sections. This is some of my earliest work that was fully thought out and completed.

Scored for Violin I, Violin II, Viola, Cello and Double Bass.
Performance and Score information available via the CONTACT page.

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