I volunteer with the non-profit organization that produces Maker Faire Orlando and Robot Ruckus in Orlando, FL. Through that work, I’ve met a number of combat robot teams including competitors from the BattleBots TV show. In 2019, I was asked to compose original music for Robot Ruckus advertisements which later led to a collaboration with Team Witch Doctor from BattleBots. In early 2020, I composed and performed the “Voodoo Groove” theme song which you can hear in the video below.

This video is also the premiere of our new original Witch Doctor music! This Voodoo Groove was composed by the amazing Adam Cole (www.adamcolemusic.com), and you’ll be hearing a few different versions in our upcoming content and during our BattleBots entrances.
– Witch Doctor BattleBots Team

Since that collaboration was released, I’ve had a number of requests for theme songs for other combat robot teams, but due to my school work (I’m a music composition major at Stetson University), I have not been able to do more song commissions. While I am taking classes this summer, my course load is lighter and I can take on four to six commissions during the summer.

I’ve created a Request Form you can use to request a commissioned theme song for your fighting robot, which can include a full-length song, intro / outro music for your videos, and even entrance music for broadcast competitions.

The number of commission spots is limited, and the funds from commissions will be used to pay for my education including the equipment I need for composition and performance. The commission amount pledged will be used to prioritize the order of commissions, and your support is greatly appreciated.

Commission an Epic Theme Song for YOUR Fighting Robot today!

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