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This is where I share my recent news, updates, upcoming performances, latest projects, and everything related to my music. I am a multimedia composer, an ASCAP affiliated composer and publisher, a student at Stetson University.

In the top right corner, you will find a playlist of my music that works across the whole site. If you are using a laptop/desktop computer, there is also a playlist containing some recent concert works located in the right sidebar.

On the WORKS page, I have included a list of my compositions sorted chronologically, with links to posts about them. I have also included music categories to assist navigation.

On the ABOUT page, you can learn more about me, my music, and my composition studio setup.

On the CONTACT page, you can inquire about any related commissions, materials, questions, or concerns.

On the COMMISSIONS page, you can learn more about the commissioning process and pricing.

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